The Future and Present of Social Justice is YOU | A Poem


By Joshua Mitchell

The power of a conversation

The chain breaker, peace maker during confrontation,

Is it breeds connection and direction toward the day of justice and mercy’s marriage consummation

Now we use it to spark a movement

Promote unity, and bury evil without a eulogy

To empower and educate, encourage and elevate, uncover and end the hate- that’s cause to celebrate

I hear freedom ringing like melodic percussion

As young leaders online host civil discussion

Addressing widespread disparities in the name of truth

All while highlighting and engaging our youth

In solidarity I speak with a humble attitude

On behalf of EYEJ, I offer utmost gratitude

To the donors and supporters who have paved the lane

For the drive of the #EMPOWER campaign

Thank you for your generosity and contributions

The return on your investments is social change and solutions

Upholding anti-racism, competence, and nonviolence

Amplifying community voices who refused to remain silent

EYEJ has a vision, you are the realization

The fruition of a planted seed

Sprouting to ensure safe, quality education,

And e-devices for Cleveland students in need

You were willing and able,

To sponsor more seats at the table

To discuss disparity, you signed petitions in solidarity

Preventing initiatives and ideas from being laid to waste

And the work already done merely serves as a taste

Of this generation’s success as it broadens in its range

Because your letters to officials

Can spark policy change

So now we say thank you

For your tireless participation

We recognize you all

And offer up appreciation

Now I see you shining, radiating, glistening

Securing connectivity in the age of social distancing

So I will champion this empowering collaboration

As you demand effective and efficient education

You are the outlet for a conversation’s power

In a city where triumph transcends the terminal towers

You’re not merely donors, you’re trailblazers too

And the future and present of social justice is you

This awesome poem is by Joshua Mitchell. Josh is a third-year social work and communications student at The Ohio State University. As a member of the Morrill Scholars Program through OSU’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion, he serves as a student mentor and intends to pursue a career as a children’s social worker and motivational speaker upon graduation.



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