Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number: Youth Council Representative Arieanna Saddler is a Young Boss in the Making

By Megha Goel

The first thing that strikes you about Arieanna Saddler is her effervescence. A Tremont Youth Council Representative, Saddler is a seventh-grade student of Northeast Ohio College Preparatory School in Cleveland. She is confident and optimistic at heart. Her zest for life and desire to be independent is so infectious, and it’s only when she starts talking about her entrepreneurial endeavor of doing nails that you begin to question yourself, does age really matter? In a candid conversation, she shares how she directed her passion for creating a business venture and began on the pathway of financial freedom.



Some people work hard to rise from their existing conditions. And then, there’s the other kind — people, who become so overwhelmed by their circumstances that they live without making any strides towards their dreams. Saddler is the former. She not only aspires to make her life better but also contributes towards helping the less fortunate. “I split my earnings into two halves and the second half into two other,” she says. “I spend the first half on myself and on procuring material for my venture, and the second two halves go to my mother and the homeless around my area.” The seventh-grader shares, “I want to make money and make myself too.” She says, “every time my friends and I make some money, we make sure that we share some with the helpless on the streets. We buy some food and go out distributing to the needy in the area.”


To hear more about Arieanna’s story of entrepreneurship, she is featured on the Exploring Money episode of the EYEJ Speaks Podcast. Along with participants of the recent EYEJ Speaks episode, she discusses business, entrepreneurship, and money. Listen to the podcast at

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