1. Ensure your digital tools and resources are accessible — if there is an asynchronous lesson plan (for example) that you want to show, be sure that it can opt into closed captioning. Providing tools for digital accessibility is one thing; it’s another to ensure that your devices and online teaching methods are still accessible in OTHER ways and inclusive.
  • Keep your privilege in check before giving out zeroes and marking students down as being “absent.” We don’t know what’s happening once students log off for the day — give grace, check-in when needed, and reflect on the repercussions that a zero or “absence” can have on a student’s academic disposition.
  • Provide space (when available) for families to check in with you or someone at school — we recently just held a parent engagement and wellness night event for my school network and had the opportunity to remind parents that they need self-care too. This small gesture can have a HUGE impact (and it gives you the ability to build stronger relationships with them as well).




EYEJ drives social justice reform by empowering young people to advocate for change.

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Empowering Youth Exploring Justice

Empowering Youth Exploring Justice

EYEJ drives social justice reform by empowering young people to advocate for change.

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