By Megha Goel

Michelle’s school expects her to finish her five page quarantine assignment on her smartphone. Her mother cannot access the telehealth service to manage her diabetes, and her brother is struggling to fill out job applications online.

Michelle is among the roughly 21 million Americans who lack high-speed internet access. In Ohio, only 47.7% of residents have access to low priced internet plans. Cleveland Municipal School District (CMSD) includes 38,000 school students and 27,000 families out of which an astounding 40 percent do not have access to broadband internet. Two-thirds of the students do not have any e-learning…

By Megha Goel

It’s not one entity that can solve the problems of racial inequities in America. We need to come together as a community and create solutions. A lot of schools, entities, and nonprofits are bringing experts to work with teachers but there is no sense of urgency. They are talking methods and creating long term plans and strategies. But that’s not fast enough, we really need to ACT NOW. “When we allow authentic discussions with youth, in programs like YODJ or other discussion series, the vulnerability facilitates healing, new thoughts and creates trust,” says Mai Moore.

This conversation…

Katie Ross

By Megha Goel

When teachers in classrooms asked students what they wanted to become when they grew up, girls shouted out professions like “fashion designer” and “doctor.” But one, Katie always confirmed, “I want to work for a non-profit.” While many might have disapproved, she always knew that she wanted to build her humanitarian service career, although not sure in what capacity.

“I’m certain that my commitment now and as a child to fair treatment, equality, and trying to ensure inclusivity comes from my early experiences.”

Katie Ross was born and raised in Maryland. At an early age, she was…

By Megha Goel

According to the Center for American Progress, from 2008 through 2017, Ohio had the 20th-highest rate of gun murders, with 3.96 gun homicides per 100,000 people. Moreover, while only 13% of the population is African American, about 69 percent of the state’s gun homicide victims are black. On any given day, America’s youth are met with a barrage of violence — in their schools, neighborhoods, through media and technology, or in their household. Attention is needed to bring change and to improve the quality of life for kids and their communities. With constant exposure to violence daily…

By Megha Goel

“They teach you how other people think, during your most productive years. It kills creativity. Makes people into bozos,” said Steve Jobs. Jobs, co-founder of one of the World’s most recognized brands, Apple, didn’t come from a technology background. He dropped out of college, helped his father in repair work, and rebuilt motor parts, which sparked his interest in electronics.

College isn’t for everybody. The traditional four-year college experience, said to be the ultimate post-high school goal, might not be the best fit for all. The July 9, EYEJ Speaks episode entitled Investing In Your Future brought…

Statement from the EYEJ Youth Council

Our country is in a very dark place right now. As the EYEJ Youth Council, we will continue to represent, be the voice of, and be a beacon lighting the way for youth of all colors and creeds. It is unjust that African Americans, for generations entitled to equal consideration under the law, are still subjected to the excessive force by law enforcement that has been wrongfully taking place for centuries in every state, across America. It should not have been necessary for citizens to be exposed to these gory images, compelling them to…

By Megha Goel

A virus that swept millions from the planet, unprecedented lockdowns, layoffs, death of a dear one, the casual killing of minorities and, races still fighting for their rights! With instability in all areas and events of the current times unveiling the reality of society, are you primed for a complete meltdown? Or do you feel the need to buckle up and stand up taller than ever to voice out?

Unanticipated situations often lead to the most thought-provoking and toughest moments in life. These situations often have the potential to open doors to new events that we have…

Confronting America’s Past and Envisioning an Equitable Future

By Emily Martin, Special Guest Contributor

When we look around us at who lives where and who has access to resources and opportunities (or more importantly, who doesn’t), the disparities can be shocking. How did we get here? How do we begin to move toward a truly equitable society — one where everyone has access to transportation, jobs, educational opportunities, and the housing of their choice? To understand how our communities came to be so segregated — so inequitable — we have to first take a look back at our country’s legacy of discrimination.


One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding…

By Megha Goel

The first thing that strikes you about Arieanna Saddler is her effervescence. A Tremont Youth Council Representative, Saddler is a seventh-grade student of Northeast Ohio College Preparatory School in Cleveland. She is confident and optimistic at heart. Her zest for life and desire to be independent is so infectious, and it’s only when she starts talking about her entrepreneurial endeavor of doing nails that you begin to question yourself, does age really matter? In a candid conversation, she shares how she directed her passion for creating a business venture and began on the pathway of financial freedom.


By Megha Goel

“I grew up writing essays and stories on what I was doing, the things I saw around in my neighborhood, and the news that mattered to our community the most,” says 19-year-old Maranda Priah. She is a second-year student pursuing sociology and psychology at Case Western University. Growing up in East Cleveland, she gives us a glimpse of her childhood, discussing stories of policing, racism, and unjust systems. In a candid conversation, she shares her memoir of self-discovery amidst challenges.


Born and brought up in East Cleveland, Maranda Priah is a single child of a working mom…

Empowering Youth Exploring Justice

EYEJ drives social justice reform by empowering young people to advocate for change.

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